I like this baby carrier! Once i had my son I was gifted a Chicco baby carrier. I hated becoming it was very hard on my small back, even with a new baby. I have had back problems all of my life i knew that it would only cause more back problems as my son got older so I went and "splurged" around the Ergo. We are so glad Used to do, I've not had one aching back after use since I've bought it. My spouce and i took our son to India and Italy in May and used just the Ergo since we nixed utilizing the stroller along. My son (4 months old during the time) am happy to be so near to us and neither my partner nor I had created problems carrying him within the Ergo the full trip. It was so simple to make use of the area train systems and buses and not have to hassle having a stroller. I read another reviews about how the Ergo's draw back is the fact that babies can't be in the forward facing position, however, I found that putting the baby inside the hip carrier position solves this problem. Anytime my baby gets fussy I switch him inside hip carry position and he is able to see the globe and me. Furthermore, i like while using Ergo in your house to do chores as it keeps my baby happy and i am still able to find stuff done. I strongly suggest this to any parent with back problems and also those without.



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