I made a purchase of it at my son's 1 month old instead of my ERGO baby. I love using the Moby, but it is so suitable for raining outside, I am unwilling to handle ergo baby carrier. All I do is to require some basic gears, which can enable me to control it in the simplest and fastest way.

During the 2 months period, I took advantage of it while my babies was facing towards me into it.  It won not disturb his legs so that my baby was able to go asleep within 6 hours in a day. 

Since he was several months old, he can hang his head and move a little with his upper body, even blend his legs up. So I let him to face towards me with the help of carrier. He seems happy to explore the new world with me. With my free hands, I got more access to do other tasks, such as shopping or getting my housework done.

I am proud of my purchasing for this ERGObaby carrier. Of course, that is the best one with lowest price promised I have seen before. I feel so comfortable and safe to wear it and it only needs a bit space in my car. All of us can adjust their straps freely. So it can meet my requirements on a large scale. eVEN MY 6ft, 250lb husband feels happy to take it away with him.My baby looks like so amazing into it without any disturbing legs risks. After 7 months passed by, I decided to stop using it any more. Because my son can walk a lot along with more movements, even he can stand up in the shopping cart. That is why I began to use a hip carry sling from that time on. 

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