I own the ERGO baby carrier and also the Baby Bjorn Active plus a sling, and have used a Snugli. The ERGO is in no way the top baby carrier out there. All of the others hurt my shoulders/neck after 15-30 minutes. The ERGO feels safe, and distributes most of the weight to my hips/legs. I have been previously on many hikes (20+) with Kai in the ERGO, the longest being 7 miles (almost 4 hours), without having problems. He loves it, and falls asleep inside it each and every time we go hiking. The only problem is that you can't hold the baby face out. For that first A couple of months, that didn't matter- Kai was perfectly happy to face me and snuggle in- I made use of the top cover for shade and the man slept happily... At 4 months, he wanted to see the thing that was happening, but he couldn't hold up his head very well to take a seat inside the ERGO 'backpack' fashion, so I bought the child Bjorn Active. Kai liked it, Lars(dad) liked it, I tolerated it for 45 minutes, but merely couldn't bear any hike more than that. Also, Kai's legs hang in front so that they hit your legs if you walk uphill- irritating to Lars. Kai also can't really sleep in the Baby Bjorn. (I believe he would have when he was little and facing inward, but him out, there isn't a comfortable sleep position for his head.) We utilize Baby Bjorn in short trips, such as stores and around the house, and it is ideal for that, but we started using the ERGO as a backpack for too long hikes again when Kai turned A few months. He loves searching, and when he falls asleep, I simply put the head cover on help hold his head beside me. I haven't identified getting him inside the ERGO backpack fashion without any help yet, therefore i really need to get help for that. Also noteworthy: the Baby Bjorn has zero storage- not really a little zipper pocket. The ERGO has enough room for 3 diapers, a tiny pack of wipes, an additional bib and onesie, my keys cellular phone and small snack. This will make a positive change for hiking- all I need to carry within my hands is my water bottle(s), i work with a carabiner to clip the bottle to the waistbelt i really am hands-free. We recently obtained a Sherpani Rumba and Kai and Lars love that, too. It's kind of heavy to me, but I'm becoming familiar with it. It gives Kai wonderful views, an appropriate seat, and gives Tons of storage.

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